GenoEX SNP Exchange

About the Service

The main purpose of the Genotype Exchange Parentage SNP Exchange (GenoEx-PSE) database is to provide a service for exchanging standardised sets of SNP for genotyped animals to facilitate and streamline parentage analysis activities carried out by organisations that are responsible and/or active in parentage integrity.

Service Users

Organisations wishing to join GenoEx-PSE services shall:

  1. Be member of ICAR or be nominated by an ICAR member;
  2. Have a valid “ICAR Accreditation for DNA Interpretation Centres”;
  3. Sign a Service User Agreement with the Interbull Centre.

All the information and administartive details related to the GenoEx PSE Exchahge can be found on the proper site available here

ICAR, Via Savoia 78, sc. A int. 3, 00198 Rome, Italy - Email: