List of accredited DNA Data Interpretation Centres

The ICAR Parentage Analysis Accreditation for DNA Data Interpretation Centres has been delivered to the following institution:

  1. SEGES (re-accreditation granted in November 2022)
  2. GENO SA (Norway) (re-accredited in October 2022)
  3. University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty, Department of Animal Science (re-accredited in October 2022)
  4. KAIA, Korea Animal Improvement Association (re-accreditation granted in September 2022)
  5. Irish Cattle Breeding Federation, ICBF (re-accreditation granted in September 2022)
  6. Georg-August-Universitaet, Institute of Veterinary Medicine (re-accreditation granted in May 2022)
  7. Synergy, Unione per i servizi alla selezione e alla biodiversità, previously ANARB, Associazione Allevatori Razza Bruna (re-accreditation granted in May 2022)
  8. ANAFIBJ, Associazione Nazionale Allevatori della Razza Frisona, Bruna e Jersey Italiana (re-accreditation granted in May 2022)
  9. ANAPRI, Associazione Nazionale Allevatori Bovini di Razza Pezzata Rossa (re-accreditation granted in May 2022)
  10. Qualitas AG (re-accreditation granted in April 2022)
  11. VIT, Vereinigte Informationssysteme Tierhaltung w.V. (re-accreditation granted in February 2022)
  12. Neogen (accreditation granted on January 2022)
  13. Xenética Fontao (accreditation granted on October 2021)
  14. DataGene (accreditation granted in July 2021)
  15. FABA Co-op (re-accreditation granted in May 2021)
  16. Växa Sverige (re-accreditation granted in May 2021)
  17. Weatherbys Scientific, Ireland (re-accreditation granted in March 2021)
  18. Lactanet (Canada) (re-accreditation granted in March 2021)
  19. Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding, CDCB (re-accreditation granted in March 2021)
  20. National Research Institute of Animal Production in Krakow, Department of Cattle Breeding (re-accreditation granted in March 2021)
  21. ZuchtData EDV-Dienstleistungen Gmbh (accreditation granted in January 2021)
  22. Livestock Improvement Association of Japan, Inc., Maebashi Institute of Animal Science (re-accreditation granted in January 2021)
  23. Ksitest (LLC Ksivalue), (accreditation granted in January 2021)
  24. CRV Coöperative ua, AEU, Animal Evaluation Unit (re-accreditation granted in January 2021)
  25. Agricultural Institute of Slovenia (Kmetijski Inštitut Slovenije), Animal Production Department (re-accreditation granted in September 2020)

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