DNA Data interpretation centres

ICAR Parentage Analysis Accreditation for DNA Data Interpretation Centres

Following a successful pilot in the first quarter of 2018, where four members’ centres successfully went through the application process, ICAR is pleased to announce and officially release its new “Accreditation service for DNA Data Interpretation Centres”. This new accreditation service allows organisations wishing to carry out SNP-based parentage analysis services to be accredited by an independent third party (ICAR). Organisations wishing to be a service user of GenoEx-PSE (due for release in June 2018), must first receive the ICAR Accreditation for DNA Data Interpretation Centres.

The list of the laboratories that have already been granted with the ICAR Accreditation as Data Interpretation Centres for SNP-Based Parentage Verification is available here

ICAR encourages all ICAR Member Organisations to apply for this key accreditation as DNA Data Interpretation Centres.


Process for granting the accreditation for DNA Data Interpretation Centres

The application process is as follows:

  1. ICAR receives application form from applicant (Application form for ICAR Accreditation of DNA Centres)
  2. ICAR receives payment from applicant (Fee €300)
  3. Interbull Centre (SLU University) sends the ‘Test files’ to the Applicant.
  4. The Applicant returns results to Interbull Centre (SLU University)
  5. Interbull Centre (SLU University) informs ICAR of data file testing outcome (pass/fail).
  6. ICAR copies the Interbull Centre (at GenoEx@slu.se) when it informs the applicant of the result (and if successful the applicant’s name is added to the list of accredited organisations, and therewith becomes eligible to apply as a GenoEx-PSE Service User).
  7. In the case of rejection, the Applicant is entitled to submit again along with payment of teh associated fee.


Instructions, procedures and application form for the submission

The following documents provide further detailed information on the ICAR Accreditation process for DNA Data Interpretation Centres:

  1. Standard Operating Procedure for the submission for the ICAR accreditation of as DNA Data Interpretation Centres
  2. Application form for ICAR Accreditation of DNA Centres
  3. Applicant’s Guide for the Parentage Analysis Accreditation for DNA Data Interpretation Centres
  4. ICAR Guidelines for Parentage Verification and Parentage Discovery based on SNP


Useful documents on the GenoEx-PSE


Further information about ICAR accreditation can be requested to Martin Burke (martin@icar.org) or to Toine Roozen (Toine.Roozen@slu.se)

ICAR, Via Savoia 78, sc. A int. 3, 00198 Rome, Italy - Email: icar@icar.org