Certification and accreditation of DNA-based genetic laboratories

This section provides information on the certification/accreditation of DNA-based genetic laboratories.

In particular, for these laboratories, three types of accreditation have been developed by ICAR :

  1. The DNA-based technology services (that includes two types of accreditation/service, i.e.: the accreditation for DNA Data Interpretation Centres + the Parentage SNP Exchange “GenoEx-PSE” service) and
  2. The accreditation of DNA genetic laboratories for parentage testing in cattle by SNP and STR

The below pages provides information on such activities

DNA-based technology services

General information about these services are available here. This tecknology provides two kinds of service:

Accreditation of laboratories for parentage testing in cattle by STR and SNP

The service is oriented to genetic laboratories to gtant the accreditation for parenatge testing in cattle by SNP and/or STR

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