Why become a member

The reasons for “Why become a member”

Joining ICAR means being part of a team that works together for the benefit of the development and amelioration of performance recording of farm animals and their evaluation. Such object is achieved through the establishing of definitions and standards for measuring characteristics having economic importance

Why become a member

Benefits of Membership


  • Independent international non-governmental organisation
  • Accountable to its members
  • Relevant to “developed” and “developing” countries
  • Relevant to all organisations involved in animal identification
  • Relevant to all organisations involved in ruminant production
  • Relevant to all organisations involved in genetic evaluations of ruminants
  • Relevant to all organisations involved in the collection and processing of ruminant phenotypic data
  • Relevant to manufacturers and providers of identification, production recording and genetic investigative devices
  • Elected Board
  • International recognition by national and international organisations
  • Networking opportunities with world experts and peers
  • Readily available technical information
  • Sub-Committees and Working Groups made up of international experts
  • Ease of availability of information via the website
  • Electronic forums provided
  • International recognition of work and standards
  • Published Guidelines which are internationally recognised
  • Membership is global
  • Discounted fee for some certification and accreditation
  • Certificate of Quality
  • Benchmarking
  • Annual meetings
  • Workshops
  • Value for money
  • Scientific and technical rigour inherent in all undertakings
  • Brings together international organisations to a common forum
  • Provision of practical standards which are science derived
  • Newsletters
  • On-line database on production recording for cattle, sheep and goats
  • Choice of membership: Full & Associated
  • Gives a voice to organisations and countries in an agreeable forum
  • Published Statutes
  • The ICAR International Recording Guidelines
  • Scientific and Technical publications
  • Proceedings of annual conferences and workshops
  • Flexibility in arranging specific tasks
  • Can address other species than ruminants if the members so decide
  • Cooperation in international research
  • Established contacts and co-operation with international organisations
  • Well recognised with the EU and other national and regional governments
  • Registration authority for RFID
  • Interbull is the EU reference laboratory for bovine genetic matters
  • Provision of manufacturers’ codes internationally
  • Laboratory and Test Centre accreditation for milk analysis, DNA and animal identification
  • Willingness of preeminent technicians to join in Sub-Committees, Working Groups and Task Forces

The application form is available here

The conditions that rule the use of the ICAR logo are described here and are mandatory for the ICAR Members

ICAR, Arthur van Schendelstraat 650, 3511 MJ Utrecht, The Netherlands - Email: icar@icar.org