Call for financial inspector


Nominees for ICAR Financial Inspector

In accordance with Article 17 of our Statutes, the ICAR General Assembly will need to elect a Financial Inspector to fill the position currently held by Mr. Josef Kuçera (Czech Republic), whose term expires in 2020. Mr. Kuçera is not eligible for re-election due to term limits.

Position Summary

Provides independent review/assessment of ICAR’s Annual Financial Statements on behalf of the Board and General Assembly.


Inspectors are elected from the membership and represent members of the Association and will not be members of the Board.


ICAR has two Financial Inspectors who are responsible for the independent review and assessment of ICAR’s Annual Financial Statements. ICAR’s Annual Financial Statements shall be inspected each year by at least one of the two Inspectors. ICAR’s financial year-end is December 31st. The Financial Inspectors will provide initial feedback to the Chief Executive (CE) and then report to the Board. The Financial Statements are sent to the members for approval at the ICAR General Assembly, where the Inspectors report their findings to the members prior to approval.


This is important role for the organisation requires a person with strong Finance, Audit or Accounting background – ideally working in one of our Member DHI, Breeding Service organisations.

Knowledge, experience, and competencies required for Financial Inspectors

Essential Desirable
  • Proven experience in Accounting/Financial background in DHI or Breeding Services Org.
  • 5 yrs. experience at least at mid-management level.
  • 5 yrs. experience at least at mid-management level. DHI / Breeding Operations experience

Competencies required for Financial Inspectors

  • Essential
  • Accounting/Financial experience
  • Must be from an ICAR Member
  • Must have working knowledge of ICAR activities
  • Excellent written and spoken English

Time Commitments – Meetings:

The Financial Inspector is expected to attend the meetings of ICAR’s Financial Committee (usually held quarterly). The Financial Inspector is invited but not expected to attend monthly ICAR Board video meetings and attend the Board meeting held in conjunction with the ICAR Annual General Assembly in the country hosting ICAR’s Annual Conference. Time commitment equates to approximately 4-5 days/annum plus travel time. Background reading is required to prepare for meetings.

Reimbursement of Costs

Accommodation and meal expenses relating to attending ICAR Board activities at Annual Conference are to be covered by participating Members. For activities outside Annual Conferences (e.g. Financial Audit) ICAR shall reimburse travel and accommodation as authorised by the CE.

Why would you want to nominate or be nominated as a Financial Inspector for ICAR?

This is a great opportunity for an accounting professional working in one of our member organisations to get to see how ICAR operates. By doing this role you get to interact with the CE and the ICAR Board through its Finance Committee. You will gain invaluable international exposure to the ICAR network. From a personal and a company viewpoint you will get to see and share how ICAR and indeed how other members approach financial matters in the business world of animal recording.  In short it broadens your horizons.

Full ICAR Members who wish to propose a candidate should submit a supporting letter from their organisation along with a short CV of the candidate. These documents must be sent by email to no later than Friday 31st July 2020. A final list will be presented to the Members for a decision at the next General Assembly to be held in September 2020.

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