Animal Data Exchange Working Group

The page shows introductory information about the Animal Data Exchange Working Group



Andrea Cooke, Rezare Systems (New Zealand)
Johannes Frandsen, Danish Cattle Federation, (Denmark)
Robert Moore, Valacta (Canada)
Kalle Pedastaar, Estonian Animal Recording Center (Estonia)
Bert van ‘t Land, CRV (The Netherlands)

Terms of Reference of the Working Group

Key agenda issues
  • Precise objectives according the terms of reference.
  • State of art for animal data exchange among ICAR members.
  • Coordination with ISO, WHF and UNCEFACT
  • Update for breed and coat standard
Important decisions
  • Periodical survey about the state of art for animal data exchange among ICAR member.
  • ICAR should not become an other international standard makers for animal data exchange.
  • Workshop for a better coordination between internal
Cooperation and links to other WG/TF/SC
  • None at the moment.
Issues to be handled by the Board & Deadline
  • None at the moment
Top 5 Issues
for WG/TF/SC
  • Information about the context of data exchange in member organisations.
  • Issues of common interest for ICAR members.
  • Identify the existing solutions.
  • Identify open problems.
  • Data exchange between breeding organisations, between farmers and breeding organisations, between on farm automatic devices and farm management systems.


Useful documents/links

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