Technical Series and Proceedings

Cover Technical Series 19

In the ICAR Technical Series, ICAR publishes the Proceedings of specific workshops and symposia, jointly organised with other international and national organisations with its own ISSN: 1563-2504. On ad-hoc basis, ICAR takes care also of other specific publications that are within the fields of interest of the Organisation

All the  books are available from the ICAR Secretariat in Rome or can be downloaded as PDF files at the following links:

  • Performance recording in the genotyped world. Proceedings of the Technical Meeting held in Krakow (Poland) on 10-12 June 2015. ICAR Technical Series no. 19Atlas Claw Health Cover
  • Claw Health Atlas. ICAR Technical Series no. 18.
    The issue is also available in 16 different translations
  • Challenges and benefits of health data recording in the context of food chain quality, management and breeding. Proceedings of the ICAR Conference held in Aarhus, Denmark, 30-31 May 2013. ICAR Technical Series no. 17 (ISSN: 1563-2504; ISBN: 92-95014-13-8)
  • International Strategies and New Developments in Milk Analysis – VIth ICAR Reference Laboratory Network Meeting. Proceedings of the ICAR Meeting held in Cork, Ireland, 28 May 2012. ICAR Technical Series no. 16 (ISSN: 1563-2504; ISBN: 92-95014-12-X)
  • Animal identification and recording systems for traceability and livestock development in countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. Proceedings of the ICAR/FAO Workshop held in Santiago, Chile, 5-7 December 2011, ICAR Technical Series no. 15 (ISSN: 1563-2504; ISBN: 92-95014-11-1)
  • Farm animal breeding, identification, production recording and management. Proceedings of the 37th ICAR Biennial Session, Riga, Latvia 31 May – 4 June 2010, ICAR Technical Series no. 14 (ISSN: 1563-2504; ISBN: 92-95014-10-3)
  • Identification, breeding, production, health and recording of farm animals. Proceedings of the 36th ICAR Biennial Session held in Niagara Falls, USA, 16-20 June 2008, ICAR T.S. 13 (ISSN: 1563-2504; ISBN: 92-95014-09-X)
  • Development of animal identification and recording systems for veterinary surveillance and livestock development in countries of Eastern Europe. Proceedings of the ICAR/FAO Seminar held in Kuopio, Finland, 6 June 2006, ICAR T.S. no.12  (ISSN: 1563-2504; ISBN: 92-95014-08-1)
  • Current status of genetic resources, recording and production systems in African, Asian and American Camelids. Proceedings of the ICAR/FAO seminar held in Sousse, Tunisia, 30 May 2004, ICAR T.S. no. 11. (ISSN: 1563-2504; ISBN: 92-95014-06-5)
  • Physiological and Technical Aspects of Machine Milking, Nitra, Slovak Rep., 26-28 April 2005, ICAR T.S. no. 10 (ISSN: 1563-2504; ISBN: 92-95014-07-3)
  • Development of Animal Identification and Recording Systems for Developing Countries, Sousse 29 May 2004, jointly organised with FAO-AGA, ICAR T.S. no. 9 (ISSN: 1563-2504; ISBN: 92-95014-05-7)
  • Development of Successful Animal Recording Systems for Transition and Developing Countries, Interlaken, Switzerland, 27 May 2002, jointly organised with FAO-AGA, ICAR T.S. no. 8 (ISSN: 1563-2504; ISBN: 92-95014-04-9)
    (Also available in Arabic)
  • Physiological and Technical Aspects of Machine Milking, Nitra, Slovak Republic, 26-27 June 2001, ICAR T.S. no. 7 (ISSN: 1563-2504; ISBN: 92-95014-03-0)
  • Beef Recording Guidelines A synthesis of an ICAR Survey. ICAR T.S. no. 6 (ISSN: 1563-2504; ISBN: 92-95014-02-2)
  • Workshop on The Role of Breeders’ Organisations and State in Animal Identification and Recording in CEE Countries, Bled, Slovenia, 15 May 2000, ICAR T.S. no. 5 (ISSN: 1563-2504; ISBN: 92-95014-01-4)
  • Workshop on Animal Recording for Improved Breeding and Management Strategies for Buffaloes, Bled, Slovenia, 16-17 May 2000, jointly organised with FAO-AGA,  ICAR T.S. no. 4 (ISSN: 1563-2504; ISBN: 92-95014-00-6)
  • Workshop on Developing Breeding Strategies for Lower Input Animal Production Environments, Bella (Italy), 22-25 September 1999, jointly organised with FAO (AGAP) and the Swiss Agency for Development and Co-operation, ICAR T.S. no. 3 (ISSN: 1563-2504)
  • Workshop on Cattle Identification and Milk Recording in Central and European Countries, Warsaw (Poland), 23 August 1998, jointly organised with FAO (SEUR), EAAP (CEEC Contact Group) and the Polish Animal Breeding Service, ICAR T.S. no. 2 (ISSN: 1563-2504)
  • International Workshop on Animal Recording for Smallholders in Developing Countries, Anand (India) 20-23 October 1997, jointly organised with FAO (AGAP) and the India National Dairy Development Board, ICAR T.S. no. 1 (ISSN: 1563-2504)

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