Every two years ICAR organises the Biennial Session, alternated with the Technical Meeting.

The next ICAR Meetings are

The following are the links to the events organised by ICAR from which informative material and presented files have been made available on the website for downloading

Previous ICAR meetings: files for free downloading

Disseminating media collected during previous ICAR meetings are available in this section:


Guidelines, Check List and Agreement for a Local Organising Committee of a Biennial Session

In order to facilitate and inform a candidate member for the organisation of a biennial session, two files were prepared:


Application for organising an ICAR Session

To apply for organising an ICAR meeting, an official letter must be sent by the local organisers to the ICAR Secretariat to the official post address

ICAR, Via Savoia 78, sc. A int. 3, 00198 Rome, Italy - Email: icar@icar.org