ICAR certified jars

The ICAR Sub-Committee for Recording and Sampling Devices has reviewed the list of rigid-mount weigh jars having ICAR approval for use of official milk recording. The models listed in this page were considered after review of information sent by Recording Organizations that are ICAR members. If you there are additional recording jars that should be considered for addition to the present list, please send relevant documentation to: Steven Sievert (sjsievert@dhia.org)

The instructions on how to perform the “Periodic checking of Jars” can be downloaded here.

Rigid mounted weigh jars for milk recording

Manufacturer Device
Boumatic [USA] 8517802
Chore-Boy [USA] Roll-O-Measure 11916
Roll-O-Measure 11935
Roll-O-Measure 11945
Dairymaster [Ireland] Weighall Jar
DeLaval AB [Sweden] 727909580
Germania [USA] Accuweigh
Accuweigh II
Sta-Rite Products [USA] DE 31-100
Surge [USA] 25177
Topline [New Zealand] W694R
Universal Dairy Equipment Co. [USA] 313266
Westfalia [Germany] 7009-2862-220
Zero Manufacturing Co. [USA] 279-31


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